recruit personnel system


Takes over of long term perspective of business /
general management of departments


Expertise is more
prioritized than years
of experience.

Managing director of departments


Qualifications :
- 2 years work experience for university graduates
- 3 years work experience for vocational school graduates
- 5 years work experience for high school graduates

Evaluation Criteria
Work Accomplishments (80%) +
Work Ownership (15%) + Team Contribution (5%)
Given after evaluation period
Salary and incentives
Incentives are given apart from base salary
and are given per project

welfare program

Orientation & Training
People will get the needed industry
standard training to thrive in the
fashion and food industries.
Medical Check-up Assistance
To ensure the health of employees, the company
provides support for general and specific medical
Educational Support
Employees with children can apply
for assistance for school tuition fees
from high school to university level.
Orientation & Training
Team Managers and Executives
are provided with parking allowance.
Employees can apply to use
company condominium unit.
Calamity & Disaster Assistance
In case of accidents, the company provides support for employees and their families.
The company provides Sick Leave, Annual Leave, Vacation Leave and Loyalty Award Holidays for employees’ relaxation and recreation.
Other benefits
Employees are provided with National Pension,
Medical Insurance, Industrial Accident Insurance
and Employment Insurance.
Loyalty Award
Monetary gifts and holidays are provided for employees with long years tenure in the company.